Private Equity & Venture Capital Advisory Services

Private Equity

Private Equity & Venture Capital Advisory Services

Private Equity and Venture Promotion Service is blended with true professionalism and Machhapuchchhre Capital's expertise to provide/arrange capital as well operational support to the growing companies. Our expertise lies in unlocking values of the companies with growth potential during different stages of deal-making. Our team extensively works in creating values for both portfolio companies and investors, that last long.

During pre-deals:

  • Due Diligence: We conduct business due diligence of the portfolio investments. Under this, we provide independent assessment and comparative analysis services. The due diligence covers, but not limited to, macroeconomics and industry analysis, management due diligence, legal advises, financial due diligence as well as modeling, growth strategies, and exit options.
  • Valuation Services: We provide valuation service based on company‚Äôs management, the composition of its capital structure, the prospect of future earnings and market value of assets to determine the worth of an asset today. The market value we conclude is regarded as "the Fair Market Value of the Company".
  • Negotiation: With Fair Market Value of the Company, we assist in negotiating between parties to close the deals. We creatively structure our deals to protect our clients against dilution of their equity investment.

During investment period:

  • Networking: We leverage our networks to create and open new business avenues for the companies.
  • Business plans: We prepare and update the comprehensive business plan of portfolio investments through in-depth research and analysis. This helps us support our client to upgrade the value of the investments during investment period as well.

During pre-exit:

  • Exit Strategy: We prepare an early but right exit plans for our investors and companies. We do so by conducting regular valuations.
  • Finding Strategic Buyers: We leverage our network to find the right strategic buyers for our investors and companies. These include banks, private equity funds, venture capital funds, angel investors etc.

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